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Focus the breath.. slow the body ..calm the mind.. open the heart. For thousands of years, we have known the connection between mindful self care and a daily life marked by vitality.  These practices remain as relevant today as they’ve ever been.   Join me on this journey from surviving to thriving.

Mindfulness tools for sustainable health and wellness.

Are you battling stress? Do you feel anxiety that is nearly debilitating?  Need help to get focused again? Maybe you got through COVID but still suffer from chronic fatigue. Or maybe you’re emerging from the pandemic knowing that diving into (or back into) a high intensity exercise routine can be a recipe for disaster.  I’m right there with you. The dad of 8 very busy kids (4 still at home) and with all the challenges of the pandemic, I was blessed to have found calm in the wisdom of the Eastern breath focused movement disciplines of Tai Chi and Qigong many years ago. 

Qigong? What’s that?

Qigong is a moving meditation coordinating gentle movements and static postures with deep rhythmic breathing. This produces a mind/body response that is at once relaxing and energizing. The science is steadily catching up, validating benefits which have been known by practitioners for centuries. Perhaps most notable here in the West is Harvard Medical School’s resounding recommendation for these time tested methods.

In addition to helping me heal from a freak accident during a blood donation that did not completely resolve with physical therapy, the practices became my calm in the storms of life well before the pandemic and have continued to sustain me. They can help you too!  

Qigong styles are many and diverse. The live flow sessions and practice recordings span a wide variety of traditions but are grounded in the principles and practices of Long White Cloud Qigong.  I have suspended my live stream membership program and have returned to in person teaching for the Kettle Moraine District YMCA in southeast Wisconsin. Previous recorded classes are now freely available on my YouTube channel — that address is: