Jim Esten

Well, you found me .. but probably not (yet) what you were looking for.  We've been through a series of rather dramatic life shifts in the past year.  I still do a good bit of tech work, but these days put a lot of time and energy into what most would simply refer to as "a gym".  (which it is, but is so much more!).  So... any references to Old Tools, Galoot Central,  Elite Touch Soccer, and 2 The Max Training are pretty much obsolete (nice memories though....) .. more recent references to No Bounds Wellness & Training & Wellness Center are current and relevant but I'm admittedly a moving target!  It's a journey after all.....

No Bounds Training & Wellness Center -->  http://nobounds.us

No Bounds Facebook Page -->  https://facebook.com/noboundswellness

Instagram (mostly No Bounds stuff!) --->  @jimesten

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