(last updated Friday, July 15th, 2022)

It is truly a joy to be teaching in person again. As my in person schedule continues to grow (as does the amount of time I’m spending with my grandson!), I have elected to suspend my online membership programs.

Here are my current and upcoming classes and events – stay tuned, this page is evolving!

Kettle Moraine District YMCA – All branches 🙂

In addition to the scheduled classes below, I will also be subbing periodically in the various Senior focused classes. My regularly scheduled class is called “Mindful Movement” which is based on the Eastern breath focused movement disciplines of Qigong (which, loosely translated, means “energy cultivation”. Most of these sessions easily adapt to sitting for part or all of the session depending on our needs. The general format of this 45 minute class is (usually…) as follows:

** warmup, usually joint opening or meridian tapping

** connect to the breath — usually with Tai Chi inspired forms most often based on the Yang Style Short Form, minus the choreography that is characteristic of Tai Chi.

** 1 or 2 qigong sets — There are approximately 20 different fixed Qigong sets that I commonly use, including The 8 brocades (Ba Duan Jin), 5 Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi), various 5 elements practices, TaiChi Qigong 18 Form (Shibashi sets 1 & 2), The Muscle & Tendon Change Classic (Yi Jin Jing), and all programs from the Long White Cloud Small Universe system of Qigong.

** Zhan Zhuang — static posture work (usually in the Xing Yi Quan tradition) to build strength and structural integrity.

** close with centering forms and finish in a standing, silent meditation

Feith Family Ozaukee branch in Saukville

Tuesdays @ 9 am and Thursdays @ 1pm Mindful Movement (Studio A

Rivers Shores branch in West Bend.

Fridays @ 9:15 am Mindful Movement in the Spirit, Mind & Body Studio

West Washington branch in West Bend

Mondays @ 9:15 am in the Lower Studio

Tuesdays — employee only Mindful Movement session for West Bend Mutual Insurance @ 11 am.

—— and if you’re looking for something to break a sweat, I will be taking over the Monday, 11:30 am Senior Strong class at Feith Family Branch … expect a little something different everything week. We’ll open on Oct 3rd with a bit of cardio kickboxing paired with some Pilates inspired bodyweight exercises.