Last Updated on April 13, 2024

It is truly a joy to be teaching in person again. My online membership programs are now firmly in the rear view mirror, but I do remain available for corporate events.

Here are my current and upcoming classes and events – stay tuned, this page is always evolving!

Kettle Moraine District YMCA (West Bend and Saukville/Port Washington)

Class reservations are no longer needed — view my schedule by clicking HERE

Details at each branch below but here’s a quick summary:

Mondays – 8 am Morning Meditation / 8:45 am Mindful Movement @ River Shores | 11:30 Senior Strong @ Feith Family
Tuesdays – 10 am Mindful Movement / 10:45 am Meditation @ Feith Family
Thursdays – 10 am Mindful Movement / 10:45 am Meditation @ Feith Family
Fridays – 9:30 am Short Meditation / 10 am Mindful Movement @ River Shores

In addition to the scheduled classes below, I will also be subbing periodically in the various Senior focused classes, including Senior Strong at Feith Family branch and both Active Aging and Chair Yoga at the River Shores branch. I also teach two of the sessions (Mindful Movement and Meditation) for the Livestrong groups, a free YMCA program for cancer survivors. My regularly scheduled class is called “Mindful Movement” which is based on the Eastern breath focused movement discipline of Qigong (which, loosely translated, means “energy cultivation”). Most of these sessions easily adapt to sitting for part or all of the session depending on your needs. The general format of this 45 minute class is (usually…) as follows: (many class session scripts can be found in the downloads section).

** once every 6 weeks or so, we begin the session with a few minutes of Guo Lin style meditative walking

** close eyes, settle into space, clearing breaths, ground, note breath

** warmup, usually joint opening, meridian tapping, or dao yin yoga forms

** connect movement to the breath — usually with Tai Chi inspired forms most often based on the Yang Style Short Form, minus the choreography that is characteristic of Tai Chi.

** 1 or 2 qigong sets totaling 12-20 movements (forms) — There are approximately 20 different fixed Qigong sets that I commonly use, including The 8 brocades (Ba Duan Jin), 5 Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi), various 5 elements practices, TaiChi Qigong 18 Form (Shibashi sets 1 & 2), and all programs from the Long White Cloud Small Universe system of Qigong. And sometimes, we just go with the flow, selecting movements that naturally work well together

** Zhan Zhuang — static posture work (usually in the Xing Yi Quan tradition) to build strength and structural integrity. This may be integrated within the flowing sets, or done as a standalone set. As of March 2024, I’ve started to lengthen the forms portion and only rarely do postures. They remain a key part of my personal practice which I’m always happy to share after class.

** close with centering forms and finish in a standing, silent meditation – during this stand, we offer out a bit of “relatable wisdom” and provide a handout to take along.

Feith Family Ozaukee branch in Saukville (MAP) (Note – in late March and extending 6-8 weeks, there will be construction at the branch. All group exercise classes (including Senior Strong and Mindful Movement) will be held in the gymnasium …. we wander down to the conference room for the meditation following Mindful Movement.)

Mondays @ 11:30 am Senior Strong in Studio A/B

Tuesdays @ 10 am Mindful Movement / 10:45 Meditation both in Studio A/B

Thursdays @ 10 am Mindful Movement in Studio A/B

Rivers Shores branch in West Bend. (MAP)

Mondays @ 8 am Morning Meditation / 8:45 Mindful Movement in the SMB Studio

Fridays @ 10 am Mindful Movement in the Well Studio (we outgrew the smaller studio)

West Washington branch in West Bend (MAP)

I am not currently teaching at this branch now that the Monday session of Mindful Movement has moved over to River Shores.