Last Updated on April 20, 2024

A bit about me and my practices….

Getting on in years now (61 this summer), I find simple, accessible mindfulness practices nourishing to body, mind, and spirit.  As a dad of 8, with 3 still at home plus frequent care of a grandchild, I know all too well how life can be crazy.  These quite ancient practices are my calm in the storm and qigong is my main go-to. The path to the present has been a curious one. My background is in coaching youth sports and fitness training, but a number of years ago, I suffered a freak injury during a blood donation that did not completely resolve after nearly a year of physical therapy. I had been intrigued by Traditional Chinese Medicine for some time, but it was only when I took the leap of faith from reading to doing that I finally got some relief from that injury.

Hooked, I dove deep into Qigong, studying the techniques and traditions of well respected practitioners around the world. While there is considerable nuance between various traditions, there certainly are common threads in methods that in some cases have been in continuous use for more than two thousand years!

Enter the pandemic ….  already a certified qigong instructor, youth soccer coach, boot camp instructor, and TRX trainer – and having a lot of extra time on my hands – I wanted to deeply explore a single qigong lineage. Long White Cloud Qigong, based in New Zealand,  is highly focused on the body’s energetic systems. I completed the LWC Small Universe Qigong Instructor Program and have joined the worldwide cadre of Long White Cloud Qigong instructors.  Although I continue to study and offer a variety of practices both modern and traditional, I am thrilled to be able to bring the practices of the Long White Cloud lineage to you.

After years of teaching I felt there was a missing piece. I loved the results but as participants in my classes felt them as well, conversations started. I needed better answers to all the questions. A big step connecting the dots was doing that same deep dive into the world of breathwork and completed training as a certified Oxygen Advantage functional breathing instructor.

The methods are ancient, but they are quite relevant today.  All my online offerings are free to the public … click the link above to find my in person offerings at the Y or see my YouTube channel for an archive of online classes given (mostly) during the lockdown period of the pandemic. These days this web site is intended to be an extra resource for my live class participants.